Hello all! I just returned from our spring break and now have two days left to pull myself together before school resumes on Monday. We crammed lots of adventures into our 12 day vacation that started in Mexico City and stretched to Puerto Escondido before coming back to Torreon. Mexico City was jeans, sweater, and scarf kind of weather for most of our stay. We took a bus tour through the city, toured the Anthropology museum, experienced Teotihuacan, visited the zoo, rented paddle boats, strolled through Mexico City’s version of Central Park, braved the metro, sipped coffee on top of the Sears building overlooking the theater, drank some craft beer, met the Pope at the Basilica of Our Lady (kidding), and didn’t even make a dent in all that the city has to offer.

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Next came Oaxaca City where we met some interesting people, walked around the city, and visited Hierve el Agua which is a site in the middle of the mountains that has pools at the top of a petrified waterfall. It was crazy beautiful and totally worth the crazy collectivo ride swerving around the edges of cliffs to get there.12919815_10154663278349256_388930548933715270_n

After Oaxaca City was Huatulco which was our first beach destination. We took a boat tour of several of the bays and got to spend some time in the water. It was insanely, almost excruciatingly hot and humid, and the water was an absolute must!12378001_10154015176391322_1253911740242659504_o

Our last stop was Puerto Escondido which was also very hot and humid. We didn’t do much touring there because we were all ready to relax, but we did spend a lot of time on the beach and in the pool enjoying the post card worthy scenery and achieving some pretty impressive suntans…and burns.


As great as it was to get away for vacation, it is so wonderful to arrive home to dusty Torreon, drink coffee from my favorite yellow mug, and lie around in my pjs.
March is usually an emotional month for me. It contains many both happy and sad memor242462_1384498749735_4898617_oies especially of my aunt who died of ovarian cancer a couple of years ago. She was one of the most incredible, forgiving, and loving people that I have ever known, and even though she has been gone for almost 3 years, she continues to impact the lives of the people who knew her. She flits through my mind a lot, but even more so during March-the month of her birthday. I remember her laugh and the way that she would make you feel completely heard and understood when you talked to her without feeling even the slightest bit of judgment. It still feels absolutely ridiculous that she’s gone, and the sadness catches me off guard sometimes. That paired with some other interesting developments made me a little emotional for a few days during our trip, but I have so much appreciation for my friends who gave me space and encouraged me to do what I needed to feel better even if it meant that I shut them out for a little bit and was kind of a buzz kill.

On a happier note, I have been accepted into an online masters program at Capella University, and I will begin working towards my Masters in Early Childhood Education starting on April 11th with a tentative graduation date of summer 2018. I’m extremely excited about all of the classes that I will be taking and simultaneously a little nervous about going back to school while teaching full-time. I’m going to have to ramp my time management up a few notches, but I have peace that this is what I’m supposed to be doing right now, so I know that everything will work out. Peace, it can be such an elusive and yet intensely beautiful feeling, am I right?