Happy almost Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’m sending all of the love, kisses, and virtual chocolates to my friends and family at home who I miss very much!

Mexico is finally starting to warm up which all of you people at home may laugh about, but it’s no joke when it’s colder inside than it is outside, and your apartment is pretty much always a toasty 50 or so degrees on a good day. I hoped that when I moved to Mexico, I would develop less of a dislike for January, but as it turns out, January is pretty much a miserable month all the way around. There was a day when it was -1 Celsius, and I had only 7 kids show up to school. I taught in 4 layers and lost feeling in my fingers and toes long before the end of the school day.


On a brighter note, I took a long weekend with some friends in Mazatlan, and it was perfection. Even doing a little bit of work isn’t so bad when you’re doing it on the beach with a waiter bringing you drinks. I was up early almost every morning walking on the beach picking up shells for my kids and feeling 100% relaxed. Honestly, it was a beautiful thing. I realized that I love the ocean even though I also have a healthy fear of its vastness and power.


This week has been crazy busy with Valentine’s Day preparations with the kids along with prep for Parent/Teacher conferences next week and feeling run down with a cold that my kids so graciously gave to me. First graders are so generous! I also had an extra strong dose of missing home this week because my best friend gave birth to my first nephew (I’m claiming him as a nephew because “friends are the family you chose for yourself”) I’ve been looking forward to his arrival for months, and even though I knew it would be hard for me to be so far away when it happened, I wasn’t prepared for how wrong it felt and how very much I wanted to jump on a plane and fly home. It’s hard to miss the big events being so far away and knowing that the first time I get to meet him, he’ll be 4 months old and have no idea who I am. Having so much love for a tiny human that you’ve never even met is such a weird feeling!

Right now, I’m looking forward to traveling more of Mexico over spring break which is just over a month away! We are going to be spending a few days each in Mexico City, Oaxaca City, Puerto Escondido, and another beachy place. I’m very much looking forward to some time with my girlfriends exploring and experiencing a different part of Mexico. I’m sure all sorts of fun memories will be made, and I will tell you all about it when we get back. Until then, I hope everyone is doing well and enduring the cold. Muchos besos!